Our Product

Our product was exclusively developed to appeal to high-tourist-traffic destinations. We provide these products that everyone really desires:

  • A magnificent memento - you simply take the city back home, with you.
  • A perfect guide - which will make your experience 10 times more enjoyable.
  • A first class planner - our visit will be so much more efficient and relaxed.

Product Description

The Salute USA products are designed as 11" by 11" hardcover books. The 20-21 track musical CD is indented in the center of the front cover, integrated into the front cover design. The standard spread is at 22" by 11", but most spreads are exceptionally sophisticated with fold-outs (33" wide), double gate fold-outs (44" wide), fold-ups (22" high), or double fold-ups (33" high). All photographs in the books are from the top tier photographers, meticulously selected from the best of all the photographs in the country (and aboard). The CD is produced in partnership with Sony BMG. All songs are performed by the original artists and were carefully chosen to feature the very best in songs, talent, and popularity. Each volume contains 20-21 city sites and city songs. Each song is attached to a site.

Sneak Peak - Salute to New York in site and sounds

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